Skating since: August 2011

How’d you pick your name? Well everybody calls me T and when I was in freshmeat my wheels at the time were squeaking when I was skating so somebody said AngryBird so just put the two together and came up with AngryBird-T :)

Hometown: Columbia

Position(s): Jammer/Blocker

First Bout: March 4, 2012….I was sooo Nervous :0 lol

Real job: Part Time Customer Service Manager/Student at USC

You wouldn’t know I……have an identical twin sister (Amanda Knockout) :)

Skate Brand: R3 Riedell

Wheels/Bearings: Heartless Wheels

Gear you can’t live without?: All of it!!! :)

Why did you join CQS? Beastie B told me about CQS and told me and my sis to come out to freshmeat to just check it out and we did and totally loved it and here we are :)

What do you like most about Derby? Learning a new skill and accomplishing it

What’s your favorite derby memory? Jamming in my first bout….loved it!

What’s your derby mantra? Cant keep me down! haha

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? Getting lead Jammer in my first bout :)

What is your favorite move? plowstop

Likes: making a bunch of new friends!!

Dislikes: I don’t believe I have any…DERBY ROCKS!!

Severe Injuries: none yet! (knock on wood) :)

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? my sis :)