Skating with CQS since: October, 2011

How’d you pick your name? My daytime name is Leigh.

Hometown: Sheboygan, WI/Winston-Salem, NC

Position(s): Jammer/Blocker

First Bout: January, 2010-”Friday Night Fights” URGE Invitational

Real job: Elementary School Teacher

You wouldn’t know I……? Lived in Wales for 6 months

Skate Brand: Reidell 265

Wheels/Bearings:Atom Stingers or G-Rods/Bones Swiss

Gear you can’t live without?: Knee Pads

Why did you join CQS? I’m outta my mind. And, I’m kinda in love with CQS.

What do you like most about Derby? The challenge and the people.

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Many contenders- Skating as a Hurticane, joining CQS, first time I got lead jammer, first bout against my heroes.

What’s your derby mantra? Be a sponge.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

Playing as a Hurticane — August, 2011

What is your favorite move? I like jumping.

Likes: Jumping. Having skates on my feet. Practicing with CQS and my derby heroes.

Dislikes: Traffic

Severe Injuries: So far so good. Fingers crossed.

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? My mentors/derby parents: Grafik and Crystal Cutt. And, Boston Terror, who always has my back. <3