Skating since: January 2011

How’d you pick your name? Well, this one night at Artbar… nah, for real came from a spin off of the rapper Nicki Minaj. For a long time I tried to fight it, afraid of it being inappropriate… but what is appropriate in derby!! It also helped that the french word Menage a trois actually translates into household of three.

Hometown: Carbondale, IL till I was 4, pretty much raised in Irmo, SC

Position(s): Blocker

First Bout: Rollin On A River, August 27, 2011

Real job: Surgical Trauma ICU Nurse… always taking care of other people, so sometimes you just want to hit someone!

You wouldn’t know I……? Enjoy cross stitching when I have the time.

Skate Brand: Riedell 965 boot with Revenge plates

Wheels/Bearings: At the moment a mixture of Poison and Radar Zodiac wheels with Bone Swiss Labyrinth bearings

Gear you can’t live without?: 187 knee pads definitely… especially when I was still ending up with bruises on my knee despite having knee pads on.

Why did you join CQS? When Coma and I worked together she told me she started playing derby… I told her she was crazy! Well, got this facebook invite from her for fresh meat and thought… this could actually be pretty badass. Then yep, I was hooked!!

What do you like most about Derby? The game is amazing in itself. But the support and friends is like nothing I’ve had before!

What’s your favorite derby memory? First scrimmage against another team. First bout… so nervous I felt like I had to pee the entire time, but felt better after every jam I played.

What’s your derby mantra?> Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? Surviving my first bout! Scoring 100% on the pack test the first time I took it.

What is your favorite move? Anything with a good end result!! LOVE eat the baby!!

Likes: Laughing so hard that I snort, Sleeping, My 3 dogs <3, Twizzlers, Derby, Vacations, Sushi, Gamecock football, DVR, music that makes me feel warm and fuzzy, Rainy days, How much my husband loves derby too!

Dislikes: Big egos, bad hair days, slow drivers, broken bones/injuries, junk mail

Severe Injuries: Broken tailbone… now a proud owner of padded shorts! Broken foot not related to derby, but put me out of play for a couple months.

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? Everyone brings a different strength to the table and something to learn from!