Skating with CQS since: February, 2011
Skating since: February, 2010

Hometown:Columbia, SC


First Bout: August 2010

Real Job: Teacher/Musician

You wouldn’t know I…?Share a house with 7 cats and 2 dogs.

Skate Brand: Reidell

Wheels/Bearings: Depends on the track

Gear you can’t live without:  Kneepads and skates

Why did you join CQS? For the love of Mega M’Day and Eva LasVegas

What do you like most about Derby? the fitness, the people, the badassness

What’s your favorite derby memory? The first time a vet come in to lay me out hard and I didn’t fall!

What’s your derby mantra? Get Low!

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?  Taking out a three person wall

What is your favorite move? Cut to hit (hard)

Likes: Pets, vegetarians, sci-fi, derby bruises

Dislikes: Meat and drama

Severe Injuries: Nothing major

Favorite teamate to work is…?  CQS