Skating with CQS since: February, 2011
Skating since: April, 2009

How’d you Pick your name?
I love Lil Wayne, so one day, I was listening to Tha Carter album, and it just hit me like a mack truck.

Hometown: Sumter SC

Postion: Blocker/Pivot

First Bout: Confrontational Invitational (U.R.G.E) 2009

Real Job: I work for the Man.

You wouldn’t know I….? Have been hit by a car…more than once.

Skate Brand: Reidell Minx

Wheels/Bearings: Poisons and Suregrips

Gear you can’t live without: Eyeliner

Why did you join CQS?
I wanted to skate on a higher level with an awesome group of women! Plus, I look pretty good in red…

What do you like most about Derby?
I get to take out all of the aggression in derby. Plus, I’ve learned useful crowd maneuvering skills.

What’s your favorite derby memory?
My favorite derby memory was when I was at my first bout as a part of a team, against Rogue in Fayetteville. I wasn’t actually rostered, but Rogue liked to have a big “group jam” at the end of their bouts. I was told to grab my gear and jam…against Bull Lee, Samoa Pain and Risky Biscuit. I was terrified, but I think they beat derby into me.

What’s your derby mantra?
Aim small, miss small.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?
MVP blocker against Little City rollergirls, one year after I had received best fresh meat from them (complete with a HARD bite from Rock Nasty).

What is your favorite move?
Hip check. (it comes in handy in day-to-day life too!)

Likes: Ninjas, rain, black eyeliner, tattoos, my dogs, cold beer and smelly pads.

Dislikes: Orlando Bloom and people who don’t listen.

Severe Injuries: My pride. I’m one of the most uncoordinated people you’ll meet, and tend to fall down even when I’m standing still…

Favorite teammate to work with is…? Grafik, Truckstop, Fearless Fritz and Mel Anoma. They’re great to learn from, are always teaching me and are quick to tell me when I’m wrong! Love it.