Skating with CQS since: February, 2011
Skating since: February, 2008

How’d you pick your name?

I have had the nickname “Rabbit” for years and wanted to work that into a derby name. A Rabbit Punch is a boxing punch to the head…so why not use that?

Hometown: Hopkins, SC (Diamond Pride)

Position(s): Jammer/Pivot

First Bout: Regulator vs CQS (Regulators lost, but we only had 10 players and we were proud to fight as hard as we did in our team’s first bout)

Real job: Stockroom Supervisor

You wouldn’t know I……? play rugby too (Columbia Bombshells)

Skate Brand: Reidell

Wheels/Bearings: Heartless wheels/ bones swiss

Gear you can’t live without?: mouth guard (the rent’s spent too much on my teeth not to take care of them)

Why did you join CQS?
I wanted to improve as a skater/player and play on a higher level.

What do you like most about Derby?
Skating (and of course hitting people)

What’s your favorite derby memory?
Our first win (Regulators during Labor Pains 2008)

What’s your derby mantra?
Hit now, drink later….

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?
MVP against Soul City Sirens (I scored 97 points)

What is your favorite move?
Booty blockin’ (use what your momma gave ya)

Likes: sports, chicken, and shakin my booty

Dislikes: sorostitutes and haters

Severe Injuries: busted chin open twice and separated right shoulder

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? All of them! That is what being a
team is about!