Skating Since: July 2010

How’d you pick your name? I am ½ German and ½ Native American. I picked a name similar to the German VW car… the Karmann Ghia in memory of my father Ted Nordman that passed away 19 years ago.

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Position(s): Like them all. Leaning toward jammer. Plyo./Conditioning Coach

First Bout: As a skater -March 4th with the home team: Spawns of Skatin’ and
Coaching the home team Spawns of Skatin in May 2011.

Real job: Physical Education Teacher

You wouldn’t know I……? I coach Lightning Strikes Jump Rope Team, Men In Training, Girls On The Run and Bull’s Eye Archery team. I have 2 daughters ages 21 and 18.

Skate Brand: Riddell

Wheels/Bearings: ABCD 8

Gear you can’t live without?: 187 Knee Pads

Why did you join CQS? I wanted to be a derby girl when I was 6 years old. Finally found a team to make that dream a reality with CQS.

What do you like most about Derby? Learning new moves and strategies from some amazing skaters.

What’s your favorite derby memory? Playing with the parachute during conditioning/plyo time with my teammates.

What’s your derby mantra? What happens on the track….stays on the track.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? Coaching the Spawns of Skatin’ to their first victory.

What is your favorite move? Plow Stops

Likes: Kayak, Racewalk, Belly Dancing, Jump Rope, Running, People who value your trust and treasure it.

Dislikes: People who misuse others trust. Cabinet drawers left partly open.

Severe Injuries: Torn PLC and Menicus (Knee Injuries), broken ankle

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? All of them