Skating since: November, 2010

How’d you Pick your name?
Actually an old friend of mine from back in the day when we used to skate together came up with it and it stuck, she knows me well!

Hometown: Mauldin, SC
Postion: still trying them all out, not sure just yet!
First Bout: soon I’m sure, patiently waiting…
Real Job: Sales Executive
You wouldn’t know I….? Have been skating since a little girl, even performed in a skating competition in Taylors, SC the good ole days!
Skate Brand: Reidell Vandal
Wheels/Bearings: Radars
Gear you can’t live without: skates and knee pads.
Why did you join CQS?
Have always thought it be amazing to join Derby, and I have always been passionate about skating and then I found out about CQS, so glad I did, an awesome group of women!
What do you like most about Derby?
It helps me physically as well as mentally, I am always up for a challenge, and it’s a competitive sport that I can actually skate while doing it, bring it!
What’s your favorite derby memory?
At this point, getting to know the players on CQS, making the team and learning the game.
What’s your derby mantra?
Keep your head in the game, stay focused and skate your best…be ready for anything!
What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?
Making the team!
What is your favorite move?
Positional Blocking
Likes: sportsmanship, being a Mom/Wife, challenges, playing pool and of course beer/wine.
Dislikes: Being underestimated, Drama, and haters!
Severe Injuries: Crossing fingers and toes I don’t have to fill this one in, if so let it be a humorous and/or a worthwhile story.
Favorite teammate to work with is…? It varies there are so many who bring a lot to the table, and am still learning, but my guess would be one in ALL!