Skating with CQS since: October 2010
Skating since: May 2009

How’d you pick your name? I am an artist.

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV.

Position(s): Jammer / Blocker

First Bout: June 2009 vs. NRV

Real job: Senior Art Director / Advertising

You wouldn’t know I..? Am afraid of bugs.

Skate Brand: Riedell 595

Wheels/Bearings: Atom Stingers/Atom Lowboys and Bones Swiss Ceramics

Gear you can’t live without?: Black tape on my fingers

Why did you join CQS? Death threats.  : )

What do you like most about Derby? The intensity of the sport. The diversity of people.

What’s your favorite derby memory? Little girls asking for autographs after a bout.

What’s your derby mantra? Derby is 90% mental, 10% physical.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? Marrying my wife, Crystal Cutt.

What is your favorite move? Jumping

Likes: Michael Jackson, Derby Road Trips, Painting, Cove Dwelling.

Dislikes: Drama

Severe Injuries: Not derby related: Spleenectomy (kicked in the back by a horse at age 5)

Favorite teammate to work with is..? Jamming (Crystal Cutt) / Blocking (Fearless Fritz)