Skating Since: May, 2010

How’d you pick your name? Several of my creations were already taken.  Assassin sounded tough and Sassy was cute!

Hometown: Born in PA but grew up moving around with a dad in the USMC.  Been in Columbia since 92′.

Positions: Jammer
First Bout: Too Dame Hott in Greenville, SC July 17th, 2010

Real job: Dental Hygienist

You wouldn’t know I…? Used to teach yoga + went skydiving for my 30th birthday.

Skate Brand: Riedell Minx


Gear you can’t live without? I need it all!

Why did you join CQS?

Bruiser Barbie invited me, and I fell in love with it my first practice.

What do you like most about derby?

The amazing workout you get and the cute shorts!

What’s your favorite derby memory?

What’s your derby mantra?

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

What’s your favorite move?

Likes: weight lifting, running veggies, tofu…I’m vegan!


Severe injuries: Grade 3 seperation of the AC joint.