Skating Since: October, 2009

How’d you pick your name? I always say Beastie, and thought it sounded good together.

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Position(s): a little bit of everything

First Bout: December 21,2009

Real job: Hair Stylist

You wouldn’t know I……used to be a dancer.

Gear you can’t live without?: knee pads

Why did you join CQS?

My  best friend wanted to try it so I figured why not?

What do you like most about Derby?

The bouting experience

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Umm all of them!

What’s your derby mantra?

I always just break out dancing…

What is your favorite move?

Booty blocking!! J

Likes: scrimaging and bouting

Dislikes: endurance!

Severe Injuries: hurt my back

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? hmmm that’s a hard one…I have quite a few!