Coach in Training Since: March, 2010

Real job: “Blue Line” is a clue.

You would know I.…..enjoy cooking. I’m especially adept (big word) at making pies and preparing sushi. Hey I’m pretty good at cleaning the house too! (Yeah this guy keeps a clean house)

What’s under the kilt? I’m in touch with my Scottish heritage but it truly depends on the season, the event and the requests to wear them.

How did you get interested in roller derby? Former CQS team member, Lil’ Bit Crazy (LBC) invited me to a bout and was hooked ever since. Thank you, Lauren J

Favorite bout so far? Seeing the CQS Miss B-Havers in Charlotte pull out a close game against Charlotte’s B-dazzlers. My heart was in my throat the whole time but I’m proud of those gals !

Favorite pregame ritual? Don’t have one yet. Any suggestions? Can’t exactly go around slapping everyone on the rear end when they head out to play like in other sports. I’m afraid I’d get a swift punch in the face!

The ultimate roller derby player would be……? A combo of Holly Hunter (balance skill, focus and intensity) , Melanoma (speed, endurance) and Chuck Town Bruiser (sheer power). How could anyone beat that ???

What do you like most about roller derby? Speed and impact. I love hockey for the same reason. Constant motion and collisions.

Likes: Honesty, loyalty and a genuine heart. Hiking, camping, aviation, and kayaking. Oh yeah…and the 2nd Amendment.

Dislikes: Criminals, Fakes, back stabbers…..general no do gooders!

Any last thoughts? Just that I think that CQS is an extraordinary group of women who I’m honored to be around. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch or a better team! Collectively and separately they are the cream of the crop.