Skating Since: November, 2009

How’d you pick your name? It’s a play on my middle name, and I’ve been known to FLIP OUT with little to no notice!!! You may not know it, but that FUSE IS BURNING UP QUICK! I’d take a step back if I were you!

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

Position(s): Pivot

First Bout: March Badness with the LCHR in Charleston, SC

Real job: Spanish Instructor at USC Columbia

You wouldn’t know I……? I’m a classically trained flutist

Skate Brand: Reidell Wickeds with sick aftermarket upgrades

Wheels/Bearings: Atom Lowboys / Bones Reds

Gear you can’t live without?: 187’s with the extra velcro!

Why did you join CQS?

Bruiser Barbie made me an offer I couldn’t refuse… then she dragged me all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to derby practice. She threatened to kick me right in the shin with her Barbie pink wheels if I didn’t join up!

What do you like most about Derby?

I love the great people on my team and the athleticism of the game.

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Having my head shaved for St Baldricks

Derby Mantra?

Leave it at the door. Take it out on the track.

Likes: Demolition sites, the sound of the boom, and Lady GaGa

Dislikes: Awesome booty blockers and quiet walks on the beach (I need to hear more crashing than just waves)

Severe Injuries: Jorge Grande and strained ACL

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? All my CQS girls make me happy!