Skating Since: December, 2009

How’d you pick your name?: Doli (pronounced “Dolly”) was a former family nickname, so it sort of picked me. And who doesn’t like alliteration and consonance?

Home Town: Spartanburg, SC

Position(s): Outside Blocker, Inside Blocker, Power Blocker, Reserve Jammer

First Bout: March Badness (CQS v. LCHR) 3/2010

Real Job: Foreclosure Litigation Jack of All Trades

You wouldn’t know I…?: I support hash runs (another pack “sport”)! Come out and run with Secession Hash House Harriers or Columbian Hash House Harriers. On-on!

Skate Brand: Antik AR1 Boots, PowerDyne Plates

Wheels/Bearings: Heartless/Bones Red

Gear you can’t live without: Knee Pads

Why did you join CQS?: I wanted to get in shape and spend my free time more constructively. I was going to join a tennis league, but thought about how boring that would be. Once I got into derby, I felt a passion and drive within me I had never before experienced.

What do you like most about derby?: I love the sense of family that it brings and I love seeing what we can accomplish for our league and for charity when we work together. I also love that individual development in the sport is a constant challenge. It never gets boring. There is always something to work on. One can always improve.

What’s your favorite derby memory?: Part one of my favorite derby memory was cheering on my team as our Allstars won their bout against Carolina Rollergirls in February, 2012, and part two was finding out that our league, new to WFTDA, had been power ranked #25 in the world following that bout.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?: Improving my speed and endurance. I used to skate like I ski, with both feet on the ground.

What is your favorite move? Can-opener, 180 toe-stop turns

Likes: Live music, Ben Harper, Curry dishes, Bike Riding, Tennis, Snow Skiing, Hiking, Hash Running, Cookouts, Puppies, Flowers & Sleeping in my Tempurpedic.

Dislikes: Expenses, Taxes, Insurance, Sickness, War, Racism, Hate Crimes, Pollen, Spam, Mom Jeans & Mullets

Severe Injuries: Nerve damage. I have permanent lack of feeling in part of my left hand and two fingers resulting from a compressed nerve caused by a backward fall on my upper back and neck region. I also have a permanent cartilage indention on my left hip.

Favorite teammate to work with is: Turner Loose or someone equally reliable.