Skating Since: January, 2009

How’d you pick your name? Because I ref “Like a Boss!”, and Jeff and Jefe are earily similar don’t ya think??

Hometown: Pickens, MS

Position(s): Outside Pack Ref

First Bout: Classic City vs. Camel City in Athens, GA

Real job: Product Engineer for Trane

You wouldn’t know I……? Before I started roller derby I had only skated like twice in my entire life!  I couldn’t even stand up on skates!

Skate Brand: Sure Grips Rebels

Wheels/Bearings: Fugitive Wheels with Reds Bones bearings

What made you decide to be a ref?

“Ref around the Edges” talked me into going to a couple of bouts, subsequently to some of the after parties, and I very quickly realized roller derby is one of the coolest sports on earth.

What do you like most about refereeing roller derby?

Meeting all of the incredible people that are also involved in roller derby.  I have made some good friends through this sport.

What’s your referee mantra?

If I call it, it’s a penalty.  If I don’t call it, it’s not a penalty.  Whether it happened or not!  J

What is your favorite penalty to call?

Cut Track Major!

What is the worst penalty you’ve had to call?

Elbow Major on Holly Hunter.  The home crowd does NOT like it when you call a major on Holly!! 

What is your favorite food to put on the grill before a bout?

Jalapeno and Cheddar Sausage Dog

Likes:  Traveling to away bouts and seeing where other roller derby teams play and after party.  Also, meeting other refs and skaters!

Dislikes: Going to work Monday morning after a Sunday night bout.

Times you’ve been knocked out by a skater: Well never knocked out, but knocked down almost too many times to count.  Hmm, I’ll go with 27.

What are your favorite skaters you’ve refereed? Crystal Cutt, Mistress of the Knife, Torch, Graphix Illuskater, Rock Nasty…  There’s lots of’em.