Skating Since: May, 2009

How’d you pick your name? It’s the only way to go

Hometown: Chapin, SC

Position(s): Pivot/Jammer

First Bout: July 2009

Real job: Government

You wouldn’t know I……?

Skate Brand: Reidell

Wheels/Bearings: crappy but functional

Gear you can’t live without?: helmet; a butt pad would be nice though

Why did you join CQS?


What do you like most about Derby?

The alternative lifestyle and aggressiveness

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Scoring 9 points in the only jam I was jammer in for CQS

What’s your derby mantra?

Improvement comes in baby steps.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

Was elected B-team captain for our first b-team bout.

What is your favorite move?

Pushing other teammates into opposing jammers

Likes: long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, bubble baths, Kenny G. Oh wait, this isn’t eharmony…

Dislikes: whining

Severe Injuries: permanent fist-size indention in upper left thigh from multiple falls; is really sexy when wearing a bikini.

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? Assault ‘N Cattery