Skating Since: November, 2008

How’d you pick your name? Hurricane Dean named me..turns out, my name fits.

Hometown: Darlington, SC

Position(s): Jammer

First Bout: January, 2009

Real job: stay at home mom/artist

You wouldn’t know I……? have 4 kids.

Skate Brand: Riedell 695’s boots..roll-line navigator plates

Wheels/Bearings: Sure-grip Interceptor wheels…Bones Swiss ceramic bearings

Gear you can’t live without?: mouthguard..elbows seem to find my face

Why did you join CQS?

Because I love to skate

What do you like most about Derby?

It’s a constant challenge

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Getting a black eye from Holly Hunter ( I was so proud)!

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? winning the 09′ state championship

What is your favorite move?

ducking and dodging

Likes: going fast

Dislikes: illegal hits and falling..a lot

Severe Injuries: cracked my tail bone during my 1st scrimmage…yoww!

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? Hmm..this is tough. Holly Hunter is a great advantage when trying to get through the pack.  It also helps that she simultaneously holds back the opposing jammer !: )