Skating Since:March, 2007

How’d you pick your name? I luv steelToe’d boots & romance novels.

Hometown: Columbia SC

Position(s): I’m a bit of a wildcard- I pivot, inside/outside blocker, powerblock. Whatever’s needed at the time…

First Bout: “The Gobble Squabble” Nov. ’07,CQS v. Rogue Rollergirls, here at home, way back when CQS first started.

Real job: waitress/Nursing student

You wouldn’t know I……?

Skate Brand: Reidells

Wheels/Bearings: Atoms wheels

Gear you can’t live without?: fishnets

Why did you join CQS? why not?

What do you like most about Derby? hitting other chics, what else is there?

What’s your favorite derby memory? State Champs, 2 years Running!

What’s your derby mantra? B*tches Get Stitches!!!

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment? CQS is my derby accomplishment!

What is your favorite move? the Jack-knife! Knocks ‘em right off there feet!!!

Likes: Derby

Dislikes:who cares

Severe Injuries: none to date. good thing- no health insurance!

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? anybody w/ a CQS jersey on.