Allstar Team Captain

Skating Since:  Birth
Skating With CQS Since: June, 2007

How’d you pick your name? It was time to bout and I had gone months without a name. My parents called me “Hollywood” when I was little and Holly for short. I like camo, which hunters wear. And therefore Holly Hunter evolved.

Number: 9

Hometown: Lexington, SC

Position(s): Any

First Bout: Labor Pains, 2007

Real job: Aspiring Attorney

You wouldn’t know I……? Am a National Champion figure skater.

Skate Brand:  Riedell 297’s (High TOPS!)

Wheels/Bearings: Bones

Gear you can’t live without?: Jesus and Camo

Why did you join CQS?

My figure skating coach talked me into trying roller derby and I never left.

What do you like most about Derby?

Meeting other derby players and fans, and the ability for derby to bring my family and friends together.

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Charlotte’s first home bout against us.  I jammed the last 5 out of 7 jams outscoring their jammers 18 to 4. We came back and won the bout by 9.  Check it out here at Derby New Network!

What’s your derby mantra?

Move________, get out the way!


What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

Being named Captain of the lovely and wonderful ladies of Columbia QuadSquad.

What is your favorite move?

Hitting the crap out of someone.  I also love showing off with Crystal Cutt. We’ve got a mean leg whip.

Likes: Besides Skating…………. Eating

Dislikes: Haters! Non-drivers.

Severe Injuries: I give out the injuries (sorry)!

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? I can’t pick a favorite there have been several LBC, Tara Nass, Ruff Rolla, and Mistress of the the Knife, back in the day. Mel Anoma and Crystal Cutt!


Most Feared 2008

Hardest Hitter 2008

League MVP 2008

Skater most likely to hit you so hard you pee and get a back adjustment at the same time in 2010

White Swan 2011

Hardest Hitter 2011