Allstar Team Co-Captain

Skating Since: May, 2007

How’d you pick your name? I used a thesaurus.

Number: 64 1/2

Hometown: Myerstown, Pa

Position(s): Jammer, aspiring power blocker (ha ha!)

First Bout: Labor Pains, September 2007, Myrtle Beach

Real job: Unemployed research tech.  (HIRE ME!)

You wouldn’t know I……? compete in demolition derbies.

Skate Brand: Riedell

Wheels/Bearings: Fugitives/Bones Swiss

Gear you can’t live without: Knee pads

Why did you join CQS?

I wanted to skate with people over the age of 6.

What do you like most about Derby?

It’s an opportunity to indulge my sadistic tendencies.

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Playing Charlotte in Cricket Arena

What’s your derby mantra?

What does not kill me makes me stronger.

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

Sticking it out with CQS through all of our numerous growing pains.

What is your favorite move?

Jammer booty block.

Likes: Ford Mustangs, beach bumming, shiny objects

Dislikes: Lima beans, small talk

Severe Injuries: Broken tailbone, pride

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? Yeah right!  I’m not answering this question!


Most likely to catch a charge in 2011