Skating Since: April, 2009

How’d you pick your name? all the good ones were taken

Hometown: Blythewood, SC

Position(s): B2, Power Blocker

Real job: Phone Banker at Wachovia

You wouldn’t know I……?

Skate Brand: Riedell

Wheels/Bearings: Bone Reds and Gamma Rays

Gear you can’t live without?: Do skates count as gear??

Why did you join CQS?

It looked like fun…

What do you like most about Derby?

Bout Day…

What’s your favorite derby memory?

Don’t really have one I keep coming back because a lot of my experiences with derby are great!!!!!

What’s your derby mantra?

Hit them before they hit you!!!!

What’s your greatest derby accomplishment?

Making the roster…

What is your favorite move?

Booty Blocking

Likes: skating, eating, watching movies and most of all shopping

Dislikes: People who skate with whaling arms, I’m sure there is more I complain a lot.

Severe Injuries: no not me…knock on wood…

Favorite teammate to work with is…..? all of them we are a TEAM…