April 10th, 2010

On Saturday the CQS B team traveled to Charlotte, NC for an even match against the Charlotte Rollergirls’ B team. With jammers Turbo QT, Chris Tease, Carrie Deez, and Billie Evil, CQS was able to hold a close game even with blockers in the sin bin. CQS entered the second half down 60 to CLTRG’s 61. Penalty calls were increased in the second half with a brief time out. CQS managed to make an impressive gap in score in the second to last jam bringing the score 104-91 CQS. Chris Tease set up for the last jam and cruised through their blockers while CLTRG’s jammer served her minute in the box. The CQS Miss B-Havers finished 112 to the Charlotte Rollergirls’ BDazzlers 99.