May 22, 2010-While Birmingham’s roller girls tried to sugar coat the track like a powdered doughnut, CQS Allstars licked them and the track clean! This was the first time we have ever played on a sugared floor. With a super slick concrete floor to begin with, Tragic City coats the floor in a sugar water mixture to give the floor a bit more grip, but that extra grip didn’t seem to slow down the Allstars as they blazed a path to victory.  Crystal Cutt gave CQS the advantage early in the game scoring a 20+ to nothing jam.  Because Tragic City hit low and hard, Crystal Cutt suffered a bloody nose which only stopped her temporarily. After a quick patch, she was back on her feet blazing a trail through the black and purple mass of Alabama girls.  Claudraphobia and Blue Line Basher coached a tremendous game.  By games end, CQS had broken triple digits with 104 while Tragic City trailed at 69 points. Thanks so much for having us back in Alabama! The road trips south are always fun!

(Photos courtesy of Frank Allen)