June 12, 2010

Last fall the Carolina Bootleggers from Raleigh, NC joined us in Columbia for one of the best matchups of the season. When our vets weren’t drooling on the track, they were playing a tough game against some of their derby heroes such as Princess America and Billie Brawliday. CQS was victorious but only by a narrow margin. It proved to be the cleanest, fastest game of the season. Last Saturday proved to be no different!

With the first whistle blown, CQS quickly jumped ahead 25-8. Skating hard and fast the Allstars managed to maintain the lead throughout the first half. CQS is from the south, but they like their nice cool air conditioning at Jamil Temple. Knowing that temperatures would get pretty high in Dorton arena, CQS practiced without ac for the last month to prepare themselves for the sweltering heat. It proved to be vital to CQS’s success. With special moments such as Metal FElisha’s first reign as a jammer, a runaway truck, and Holly Hunters impressive flip, this introduction bout at Raleigh was smashingly fun! Coach even made a bet to wear Chuck-town Bruiser’s beach attire if CQS won.  Below are a few shots taken at practice the next day.  

Congrats CQS on your 124-75 victory over one of the Southeast’s toughest WFTDA teams! Thanks as always to the Carolina Rollergirls for having us! We look forward to an exciting game next season as your WFTDA sister team!