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Finally…we made it to print in a real sports blog! Thanks Columbia (and James) for all of your continued support!

Columbia Quad Squad: Best Kept Sports Secret in Town
by James Harley, June 9th 02:54pm

One of Columbia’s best sports teams is also one of its least known, though you’ll certainly want to get to know them better once you’ve seen them in action. Riding a wave of flat track roller derby revival that is rising across the nation, the Columbia Quad Squad is fast becoming one of the most respected teams in the region.

Growing up I equated roller derby with wrestling, a physical activity designed more for entertainment than athletics, but watching the Quad Squad use their palpable skills to gracefully crush their opponents has converted me into not just a believer, but a genuine fan. Of course, the scanty uniforms don’t hurt either.

You won’t have a chance to see the squad play here in Columbia for a few weeks, as they hit the road for Raleigh this weekend to further lower the self-esteem of the Carolina Bootleggers, victims of a 45 point slaughter here last October. However, in preparation for their triumphant return home to play Auburn’s Burn City Rollers on June 27, here are a few quick reasons why you should be checking out these girls.

First, this team is on a roll, with a ten match winning streak extending a full year back to last June’s home loss to the powerful Atlanta Denim Demons. This run includes their second consecutive State Championship, establishing the Quad Squad as the dominant team in the area.

Furthering this dominance, the Quad Squad’s average margin of victory over this period is a whopping 56 points (more than four of their opponents even scored), with even the closest challenger, Virginia’s New River Valley Rollergirls, falling 34 points short. This streak and this margin could be bigger after this weekend, given that the Quad Squad more than doubled the Bootleggers’ total last year in what was actually a down game for Columbia.

Finally, there’s more gas in the tank, as even the Squad’s newly formed B-team, the Quad Squad Miss B-havers, are yet to lose a match in four outings. As this talent develops and roller derby continues to become a more popular outlet for female athletes, spurred on by movies such as “Whip It,” our squad is only going to get better.

Oh, and did I mention the scanty uniforms? They are all the more attractive when filled with talented women and attitude.

Consider yourself introduced to one of our city’s best kept sports secrets, the Columbia Quad Squad. As the season progresses we’ll break down the details and take a closer look.

  1. Blue Line says:

    These gals are the best hands down! Folks don’t know what they are missing when they don’t come to a match.

  2. Billie Evil says:

    We love you Free Times!!!

  3. Paul says:

    Very nice article on Free Times! :)

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