Apr 2011 132

All the work that the ladies of CQS have been doing has paid off.

On April 13, 2011, the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association, or WFTDA, announced that Columbia Quad Squad was one of twelve teams to be accepted into the WFTDA Apprentice program.

What is WFTDA?
The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the international governing body for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby and a membership organization for leagues to collaborate and network. The WFTDA sets standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determines guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues. There are currently 109 WFTDA member leagues and 53 leagues in the WFTDA Apprentice program.

Becoming a WFTDA apprentice leage is just another step on CQS’s path to derby Nationals. The WFTDA Apprentice Program basically acts as a learning tool for newly accepted teams; each team is assigned a mentor team, who is already a full-fledged WFTDA member. This mentor team offers tips and advice, as well as information on how to become ranked and qualify for tournaments.

CQS is ready to show what they’re made of on their quest for Nationals!

  1. Truckstop says:

    So stoked!!!

  2. Grafik says:

    incredibly proud! i cannot wait to see where this team goes! : )

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