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CQS Allstars 236 vs Black-N-Bluegrass Blackouts 96
CQS Miss B-havers 206 vs Black-N-Bluegrass Shiners 67

The CQS Allstars and Miss B-Havers fought hard to protect their track on Saturday at Jamile Temple.

Columbia QuadSquad welcomed the Black-n-Bluegrass Rollergirls from Kentucky this weekend and were ready to defend their home track. The double header bout featured a lot of strategic play and big hits. The Miss B-Havers set the tone by coming back at halftime and holding the BBRG Shiners to five points in the second half. The Allstars then continued that pattern by taking out the BBRG Blackouts.

Up first, the Columbia QuadSquad Miss B-Havers battled it out with the Black-n-Bluegrass Shiners. The Shiners showed some strategy right off the bat, playing slow and in the back of the pack. The Miss B-Havers were able to adjust to get the CQS jammer through the wall of blue while still defending against the jammer for the Shiners. Because of the slow play, there were a lot of “out of play” calls, which requires blockers to release the jammer since they are twenty feet out of play or there is a no-pack situation. The Shiners also employed strategic ways to create these situations by skating out of bounds or taking a knee. At halftime, the score was close. However, the Miss B-Havers were able to rally at halftime and come back to hold the Shiners to only five points in the second half. The formidible wall of Beastie B, Carter Away and Star Stormer proved to be extremely effective against the hard-hitting Shiners blockers. Mal Pacino, Sassy Assassin and Samurai Smack were able to scoot through the pack for multiple point passes with the help of Miss B-Havor blockers. From Black-n-Bluegrass, Pretty in Pink and Silverose brought the pain and were great at defensive blocking as well as offense. Jammers from the Shiners like Billie Bitchslap and Kris P. Kreme were formidible opponents, but the Miss B-Havers showed that they could play strategy too, holding them back extremely effectively. All-in-all, this was a fun bout, with big hits.

The second bout followed suit with the first. The Allstars took on the Blackouts from just outside of Cinncinatti. The BBRG Blackouts brought twelve girls to bout. The Blackouts implemented much of the same strategy that the Shiners brought, and the Allstars were ready for it. Play varied from slow to fast and everything in between. All Star Jammers Crystal Cutt and Grafik had to rely heavily on their blockers to clear a path through the Blackout Blockers like Shaneeda Spankin and Mellcat. There were more penalties in this bout, and skaters from both teams kept visiting the bad girl box. Blackout Jammers Damnit Janet and beka rekanize were tough and fast. The Allstars were able to test out some skills in this bout as well, suck as Grafik’s apex jumping and the dynamic duo of Holly Hunter and Crystal Cutt pulling out an under leg whip, a backwards whip and a normal leg whip, all in one jam.

Columbia QuadSquad was victorious this weekend, and loved the great attitudes from the Black-n-Bluegrass girls. Sending out derby love to Proud Mary, Mellcat and Haterade…hoping to see you guys back rolling soon!

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