Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Augusta, GA

Soul City Sirens 100 vs CQS Miss B-havers 108
Atlanta Rumble B’s 77 vs CQS Allstars 175

The Columbia QuadSquad hit the road Sunday for a short trip to Augusta, GA. With the Soul City Sirens setting up a bout to remember, many CQS fans made the trek across the river to lend their support.

The first bout was a toe to toe match up of strength and strategy. Soul City recently lost some of their more season players but have rebuilt a successful team consisting of long time favorites 3D and league founder Ethyl Agitate and a mix of new girls with various skating backgrounds. CQS brought a few Allstars of their own. Carter Away, Star Berst, and Lisa Marie Deadly took the track to ensure a win over SCS.

With Carter and Turner Loose spending most of the first half in the Sin Bin, the Miss B-havers had several jams in a row that forced the only 3 strong pack to hold back 5 of SCS. As it always happens, the score was close and came down to the last three jams. With Sassy set up as jammer, Carter, Star Berst, and Bloodshed Red held back the opposing jammer giving Sassy Assassin a chance to score points before calling off the jam. With a full pack back on the track, Beautiful Death fought her way through the pack to pick up lead, calling the game as the clock ran out. The Miss B-havers took away their third straight win.

WFTDA’s Atlanta Rollergirls brought their B team the Rumble B’s to Augusta to take on the CQS Allstars. With 6 Allstars sitting on the Rumble B’s roster, its not surprising that the Rumble B’s had the skill and technique to match the Allstars, but this game came down to strategy. The Allstars managed a break in pack several times in the first 5 jams sending their jammer through clean. With Allstars Chucktown Bruiser and Holly Hunter being ejected in the second half, CQS still managed a 98 point spread.

Can’t wait to here more about CQS? Watch them take on WFTDA’s Texas Rollergirl’s Honky Tonk Heartbreakers July 9th at Jamil Temple!