July 9th, 2011
CQS Allstars 207 vs Texas Honky Tonk Heartbreakers 97
Spawn of Skatin’ 70 vs Capitol City Vixens 54

What does it take to be WFTDA? A packed house, sold out crowd, and the best Allstar roster of skaters in the south. This past Saturday, the CQS Allstars took on the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, one of four home teams belonging to the originators of modern flat track roller derby, the Texas Rollergirls.

The Columbia QuadSquad home teams, the Spawn of Skatin’ and the Capitol City Vixens, played their third matchup this year in a 40 minute intro bout. With the debut of some of CQS’s most rancid Fresh Meat Roxy Roofi OH, Hotrod Herby, Coma-Kazi, Starlet Fever, and Jul BN Payne, CCV took on an early lead. Fighting hard against CCV’s Allstar blockers, Brassknuckle Brandy, Lisa Marie Deadly, and Starberst, SOS jammer Sassy Assassin ducked and dodged and managed to close the gap. When CCV jammer Samauri Smack landed in the box for her forth minor, Razz Berri Smash racked up few points and called the jam promptly to allow Sassy to reclaim the lead for SOS. SOS squeaked out their second straight win 70-54.

Warmed up and ready for some southeast roller derby, Texas arrived early Saturday morning to lead an impressive eight hour bootcamp to many CQS’s sister teams before hitting the track to take on the Allstars. With 11 players and pumped coach, Texas was thought to be a perfect match for CQS in both talent and strategy. Two jams into the game, Texas felt the heat. The first two consective jams went scoreless when both jammers hot on each other heals forced an early call. The third jam offered a break to CQS jammer Grafik allowing her to score 7 points before Texas could break free. The forth jam of the night proved to be the pivot point of the game. Crystal Cutt managed a 20+ jam when Texas’s jammer took a minute break in the sin bin.

From that point on, the hits got harder and the jams got faster. Thought Texas’s teamwork proved to be strong, Holly Hunter and Chucktown Bruiser picked off their toughest hitters and impeded their quickest jammers. Crystal Cutt and Mel Anoma were able to dive and dodge Texas hits on the outsite lanes leaving blockers such as Kat A Killzem and Booty Queen lurching at blind spots. Co-Captain Ruby Wring and her twin sister Fender Bender planted solid booty blocks in many of the Allstar’s toughest.

While the game amazed, the frequent Official timeouts frustrated both the players and the crowd. Because Texas blockers and jammers are versatile, Texas jammers found themselves located in the box more often than not because of minors picked up while blocking in previous jams. Grafik managed another 20+ jam and led CQS into half time 104-41.

The next 7 minutes starting the second half was full of tension and anger. CQS Allstars rotated in and out of the box leaving only 2 Allstar blockers against 5 TXRG for the full 7 minutes. CQS Allstars May Q Panic and Truckstop managed to hold back 4 strong Texas blockers such as DeBella DeBall and Fender Bender while awaiting the return of their teamates to the track.

With 15 minutes left in the game, a low block on Crystal Cutt landed Rita Menweep in the box for the 7th time. Following the end of the jam, she made a delayed exit from the floor after kissing and hugging her crowd goodbye. Captain Ruby Wring set up to serve the remaining of ther penalty but was also expelled for Rita’s long drawn out exit. The score quickly shot up for CQS ending the game at 207-97.

CQS would like to thank the Texas Honky Tonk Heartbreakers for making the long trip. We’ve learned so much and can’t wait for our next matchup on the WFTDA track!