August 7th, 2011
CQS Miss B-havers 173 vs Dominion Derby Girls Sirens 97

On August 7th, 2011, the Miss B-Havers traveled to Virginia Beach to take on the Sirens from Dominion Derby Girls, another WFTDA league. Teamwork, communication and coaching adjustments proved to be enough to secure a win on Virginia’s shores.

Columbia QuadSquad sent their Miss B-Havers to take on the B team from Dominion and to show the girls what to prepare for when the Dominion All Stars come down to take on the CQS Allstars in January 2012.

The match-up proved to be very exciting. Miss B jammers Sassy Assassin and Beautiful Death were given excellent assists from their pack members, and Mal Pacino managed to duck around Siren hits. Barney Rebel also showed her salt when she took on the jammer position several times, took lead and racked up points. Skaters like Starberst, Lisa Marie Deadly and Beastie B helped to keep the team aware on and off the track, and were able to hold back the Sirens jammers multiple times. The girls also experienced a new coaching duo: Sonny Pro Bono and Carter Away.

The Sirens’ Pretty Skate Machine #Sk8 was a challenge for the Miss B’s to handle because of her nice footwork and amazing speed. Duchess America and Black n Deckher were formidible opponents as well.

Penalties proved to be the downfall in this game; well, that and the one-inch rope around the track! Both teams spent time in the box, but both teams also made up for this in great strategy play!

Columbia QuadSquad had a great time representing on Dominion’s home turf, and cannot wait to see these girls again in January at Jamil Temple!

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