August 27th, 2011
CQS Allstars 211 vs Carolina Hurticanes 80
Capital City Vixens 104 vs Spawn of Skatin’ 77

With hurricane Irene making it’s way up the East coast and a small earthquake shaking things up in Virginia, the River City Rollergirls sadly had to cancel their travel plans. With only a day to scramble together a formidable appointment, CQS’s famous announcer Lou Botomy put together a whirlwind team of his own from the south. On Saturday, August 27th the Carolina Hurticanes brought a storm of their own to Columbia.

To set the tone of the bout for the Allstars, the Spawn of Skatin’ took on the Capitol City Vixens in their forth matchup. With jammers Beautiful Death and Mal Pacino back on the roster, the Capitol City Vixens brought themselves a second and much deserved win. With fewer trips to the box and a faster pack, the Spawn of Skatin’ were favored in beginning of the game, but when jammer Razz Berri Smash took an early penalty trip to the box, Mal Pacino quickly took the opportunity to gain an impressive lead. CCV won 104-77.

Creecher Discomfort, Rigor Morticia, Sugar Magmaulya, Carrie Hanson, Leigh Cohen, Blakely Hale, Torch, Octopushy and Scream Weaver took a break from their own roller derby teams to join CQS’s own Roy G. Biv, Metal FElisha, Bloodshed Red, and Sassy Assassin in the fight against the CQS Allstars. This bout proved to be the first in CQS history. The Hurticanes sported their first male player Blue Brawls from the Carolina Wreckingballs. Knowing that he had a lot to prove, he learned a lesson from CQS Allstar players Chucktown Bruiser and Truckstop on how to fall hard. The pickup game set a much welcomed tone of fun in Jamil Temple from both fans and players. The game ended with a 211-80 win by the Allstars, but considering the pickup team had 48 hours notice to assemble, it’s to be said that they put up a hell of a fight! Thanks so Lou Botomy, Major Jammerfall, and Pitbull for coaching.