On October 16, 2011, the Blue Ridge Rollergirls traveled to Columbia, SC to take on the Columbia QuadSquad. With bras decorated by the team at the front door, people in costume in the crowd and an epic swordfight at halftime, one of the best bouts of the season was the icing on the cake.

First up, the Blue Ridge French Broads took on the Miss B-havors. The French Broads were a well-oiled machine, with strong walls and quick jammers. Lady Rider and Doctor Octopushy were quick to slip around the Miss B walls, and blockers like Punk Rotten and One Hit Woundher laid some heavy hits. The Miss B-Havors brought it with jammers like Mal Pacino and Razz Berry Smash making their rounds with the assistance of blockers like Mega M’Day and Bloodshed Red. The French Broads ended up victorious and took home a win.

The feature bout of the night saw the CQS AllStars take on the Blue Ridge Rollergirls. The first half was action-packed. CQS jammers Grafik and Crystal Cutt were matched by the jamming skills of Skelly-Tor and Doctor Octopushy. Chucktown Bruiser and Truckstop faced off against Coma N Ducer, Rigor Morticia and Sugar Magmaulya. The teams were very evenly matched in skill and derby prowess. There were many hard hits, jammer takedowns and bumps and bruises handed out. Both teams earned their battle scars from this bout…and the hugs passed around afterwards. CQS can’t wait to travel to Asheville to face these girls again in 2012!