Skating since: September, 2011

Roller derby is my pride and joy! It’s half my life. If I could think of one word to describe roller derby it would be…AWESOME!!!!!! Because roller derby is awesome! CQS, minis and ladies both, is like my second family! And every other derby player or fan is like my long-lost cousin. If it weren’t for my {awesome} coaches and my {awesome} mom, I wouldn’t be a derby brat! Oh, and don’t forget my teammates­, y’all rock! My family and I didn’t like any sports until we found roller derby. Now we get it! All week I look forward to practice night with my teammates, and any other night skating or just hanging out with the other mini girls. If I can do derby I can do anything. Roller derby lets me be me!

-Cash a/k/a Rainbow of Chaos