February 26th, 2012

Sunday night’s game proved to be a fight to the end between WFTDA apprentice league Soul City Sirens and the CQS Miss B-havers. Augusta favored a win, but the Miss B-havers brought it home. For CQS’s Miss B-havers, this game proved to be a challenge both on the track and in the penalty box. Soul City’s Pink Sox gave CQS blockers a hard fight often taking the inside line and earning lead jammer. With alternate Beastie “B” gracing the Miss B-havers, CQS jammers Leighthal and Barney Rebel zipped through the holes in the Soul City Pack. CQS blockers Bloodshed Red, Beastie “B”, and Bootcamp Betty spent 5 trips to the box for a combination of majors and minors giving Soul City the advantage. However, Starberst, Lisa Marie Deadly and Mega M’Day employed terrific strategy stalling the pack until the return of boxed jammers.

There is definitely a lot of potential in the CQS Miss B-haver lineup, and winning their second game of the season, means their luck is looking up. Stay tuned for their next match up of Rogue vs Miss B-haver on March 31st.