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St Baldricks

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What does it take to be a member of Columbia QuadSquad? A heart of gold and bravery that surpasses the status quo. This past Saturday CQS members Ashley Blood, Chucktown Bruiser, Fearless Fritz, Truckstop, Star Stormer, Carter Away, May Q Panic, Rachel H, Krool Whipped, and CQS affliates Nathan Sundell, Derek Spindler and Kat lost their hair for a great cause! CQS managed to raise over $6000 for the fight against childhood cancer.

This is CQS’s second year participating in the event held annually at Jillians in the Vista. CQS doubled both their fund raising goal and shavees. As the girls put in their old loosely fitting helmets Saturday to take on the Tallahassee and Rogue Rollergirls, Allstar Mel Anoma and Regulator’s Coach Dell will forfiet their hair during the halftime show. Come support roller derby and the proud girls that roll with this sport!

Read more in Columbia’s The State newspaper.

Crystal Cutt (Retired December 2012)
Grafik (Retired December 2012)
Mary Jane Choker (Retired December 2012)
Rachal (stats coordinator) (Retired December 2012)
Leighthal (Retired December 2012)
Mega M’Day (Retired November 2012)
Billie Evil (Retired October 2012)
Beastie B (Retired October 2012)
Slaughterhouse Jive (Retired October 2012)
ComBust A. Move (Retired August 2012)
The TransformHER (Retired CQS mini July 2012)
Miss D. Meaner (Retired July 2012)
Sinya 2D Morgue (Retired July 2012)
Precision (Retired June 2012)
Ashley Blood (Retired June 2012)
Rogue Piperazzi (Retired June 2012)
Nikki Menajetwa (Retired May 2012)
Man Da Gunz (Retired April 2012)
Starburst (Retired March 2012)
Pitbull (Retired January 2012)
Hotrod Herbie (Retired December 2011)
Roxy Roofie-OH (Retired December 2011)
Cadaverella (Retired December 2011)
Starlet Fever (Retired December 2011)
Fonda Brawls (Retired December 2011)
Wen Damage (Retired November 2011)
Beautiful Death (Retired October 2011)
Turbo QT (Retired October 2011)
Metal FElisha (Retired October 2011)
Bruiser Barbie (Retired October 2011)
Sassy Assasin (Retired September 2011)
Pollie Hatchet (Retired September 2011)
Roy G. Biv (Retired September 2011)
Kim KarKRASHian (Retired August 2011)
Chris Tease (Retired August 2011)
Brassknuckle Brandy (Retired July 2011)
Steph Boy-R-Deez (Retired July 2011)
Mama Knuckles (Retired July 2011)
Trip N’Stoner (Retired May 2011)
Knox U Dizzy (Retired February 2011)
Blue Line Basher (Retired January 2011)
Dr. PAINdexter (Retired December 2010)
Assault N Cattery (Retired August 2010)
Suri Bruise (Retired April 2010)
K-Otic (Retired February 2010)
Leggs Luthor (Retired February 2010)
El on Wheels (Retired January 2010)
Hurricane Dean (Retired December 2009)
Claudraphobia (Retired November 2009)
Debya Gore (Retired May 2009)
Beverly Wheelbilly (Retired July 2009)
Shiv Tyler
Lil’Bit Crazy
Betty Burnout
Meat Carver
Mohammad Mollie
Ruff Rolla’
Mistress of the Knife
Bluegrass Crash
Tara Nass
Candy Badapple
The Debilitator
Krypta Knight
Highland Hitter

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Statistics Coordinator

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Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls Joins Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

Columbia, SC—March 12, 2012— The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is proud to announce that Columbia QuadSquad Rollergirls has been accepted as a member of the WFTDA, the national governing body for women’s amateur flat track roller derby in the U.S.

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I’m shaving my head in under a month now for St. Baldrick’s, which raises money for children’s cancer research. I am terrified. At first, I was just a little nervous, but as time bears on it has transformed into sheer terror. Or is that shear terror?
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