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January 26, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Demolition city
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Appalachian Roller Girls
Carolina Wreckingballs vs. The Hitmen of Manatee County


February 24, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. River City Poe’s Punishers
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. River City Uncivil Warriors CQS Minis vs. Little City Jr’s


March 9, 2013- Away, Greenville, SC

CQS Allstars vs. Hard Knox
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. GDD Bad News Babes

March 10, 2013- Home @ CQS Compound

CQS Allstars vs. Jacksonville Roller Girls
Spawn of Skatin’ vs. Belles on Wheels

April 20, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Black and Bluegrass Rollergirls
Spawn of Skatin’ vs. Capitol City Vixens
CQS Minis vs. TBD

May 11, 2013- Away, Baltimore, MD

Charm City Allstars vs. CQS Allstars
Charm City B-team vs. CQS Miss B-Havers

May 12, 2013- Away

Mother State Rollergirls vs. CQS Allstars

June 1, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. HARD
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Richland County Regulators
CQS Minis vs. TBD

June 8, 2013- Away, Marietta, GA

Marietta Derby Darlins vs. Capitol City Vixens

June 28-30- Away, Philadelphia, PA

East Coast Derby Extravaganza (

July 27, 2013- Away, Nashville, TN

Nashville Allstars vs. CQS Allstars
Nashville Brawl Stars vs. CQS Miss B-Havers
Nashville Jr. Rollergirls vs. CQS Minis

August 17 & 18, 2013- Away, Wilmington NC

Maine Roller Derby vs. CQS Allstars
Cape Fear Roller Derby vs. CQS Allstars

August 24, 2013- Home Bout @ Jamil Temple

CQS Allstars vs. TBD
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Soul City Sirens Home Team Game 3

September 7, 2013- Away, Spartanburg SC

Spartanburg Deadly Dolls vs. Belles on Wheels

September 2013- Away


October 20 & 21, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Philadelphia Rollergirls and Atlanta Rollergirls Home Team Championship