March 31st, 2012

CQS Allstars 155 vs Tallahassee Capital punishment 154
CQS Miss B-havers 126 vs Rogue 94

With CQS’s win over Carolina in February and making DNN’s top 25 in March, all eyes were on our girls as they played their first WFTDA sanctioned bout against Tallahassee’s Capital Punishment.   The beginning of the game saw a lot of scrum starts, allowing CQS blockers to shine as they helped their jammers consistently scored a few points and called off the jams before Capital Punishment’s jammer could move into scoring position.  

CQS maintained their lead until 15 minutes in when our jammer was sent to the box and Capital Punishment took advantage of the power jam and brought the score to 34-29 in their favor.  CQS’s fought hard to make up the difference and with six minutes left in the first half they took advantage of their own power jam, resulting in a 16 point lead.  Capital Punishment regrouped during half time and came back strong trying to close the point gap.  But CQS fought back with everything they had.   As tension increased, so did trips to the penalty box.   A 28 point power jam for Capital Punishment early in the second half gave them the lead.  We saw a few more power jams for both teams and with 15 minutes left in the bout the score tied at 107.  The last 15 minutes was some of the most action I have ever seen in a game.  Both teams fought hard and the scored a lot of points.  With 2 minutes left in the game CQS was down 18 points.  Our girls dug in deep and brought it home, winning 155-154.

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