May 19th, 2012
CQS Allstars 255 vs the LeHigh Hissy Fits 42
Spawn of Skatin’ 128 vs the Capital City Vixens 114

On a two year winning streak and WFTDA high, the CQS Allstars took the track to take on the Pennsylvania WFTDA Hissy Fits. The girls in black dominated their visiting girls in pink with a large point spread win. The Allstars were missing Coach Sonny Pro Bono but welcomed the Miss B-haver Coach Long Jonz. Long Jonz did not ease up on the LeHigh girls all the way to the end.

The highlight of the night was the second home team matchup of the season. The Spawn of Skatin’ took a huge loss a few months ago to the Belles on Wheels but were hungry for a win against the Vixens. The Capital City Vixens recently lost great skaters Mega M’Day and ComBUST A. Move to knee injuries and were forced to play down. As a result, the pink jammer panty was picked up by a few unlikely blockers. The Vixens dominated the first half but quickly grew tired of making their way through tight red walls. The Spawn were victorious with a 14 point spread.

The next home team game can be seen July 7 at the Jamil Temple as the Capital City Vixens take on the Belles on Wheels.

Join us May 19th for our next home bout! The CQS Allstars will take on the Lehigh Valley Hissy fits, while the CQS home teams the Spawn’ of Skatin and Capital City Vixens duke it out for their first victory! Proceeds go to benefit Transitions!

Roller Derby Double Header
Jamil Temple
Columbia, SC

Roller Derby Double Header
Saturday May 19, 2012
Doors open @3:30pm
CQS Allstars vs. Lehigh Valley Rollergirls @4:30pm
CQS Capitol City Vixens vs. CQS Spawns of Skatin @6:30pm
Kids 10 and under are free
Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door