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July 7th, 2012
CQS Allstars 195 vs Dixie Derby 72
Capitol City Vixens 110 vs the Belles on Wheels 186

The CQS Allstars traveled to Alabama last season to take on the Dixie Derby Girls and were faced with a real threat. This rematch, however, proved to be an easy win. The CQS Home Teams followed the Allstar bout. With technical issues including a blown transformer, the derby girls continued their game with only half the lights. The Belles annihilated the Vixens after the loss of Vixen jammer Bloodshed Red due to a broken ankle in the first few jams. Vixen Rosie Riveter took up the slack and forced the score into the triple digits but proved to be no match for Belle blockers Carter Away and Poison Violet.