September 29, 2012
CQS Allstars 154 vs Blue Ridge All-stars 186
CQS Miss B-havers 152vs Blue Ridge French Broads 126

CQS has not met the Blue Ridge Girls on the track in a little less than a year. With both teams induction into the WFTDA, both CQS and BRRG were anxious to play again. BRRG served some hard hits to the CQS Allstars sending the usual jammer rotation to the bench early. The CQS Allstars introduced Sexual Chocolate to the jammer rotation who proved to be an unstoppable force. The game, however was riddled with penalties from both teams keeping fans on the edge of their seats. [Read More]

Sep 2012 170

by James Harley, September 4th 01:08pm

August was a rebound month for the Columbia Quadsquad rollergirls, whose amazing 33 game winning streak dating back to the summer of 2009 was finally broken in late July by the Atlanta All-Stars in a disappointing but not unexpected 155-74 loss. Not letting it bring them down for even a moment, however, Columbia’s premier team got back on track immediately, slaughtering Knoxville’s Hard Knox rollergirls 285-52 and in-state opponent Low Country High Rollers 216-83 in consecutive weeks to close out August. [Read More]

Sep 2012 170


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When I finished my very first practice, there were two questions that lingered in my mind.

1. What should my derby name be?
2. Oh my gosh… WHAT WAS THAT SMELL?????

By the time you have read this blog, you already know that I came to an answer for my first question,
but the second question had many layers that I have come to realize. Girls are supposed to smell like
sweet smelling roses all the time, but when you have a group of them exerting the kind of energy that
roller girls do during practices and games, there is no rose that could smell as sweet. [Read More]