Nov 2012 290

Anyone Can Last 9 Rounds

As most of my friends know, I wouldn’t consider myself athletic.  I have spent money on gym memberships that were never used, purchased workout equipment that gathers dust in my garage, and I constantly admit that the only way I would choose to run, is if something were chasing me. 

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January 26, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Demolition city
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Appalachian Roller Girls
Carolina Wreckingballs vs. The Hitmen of Manatee County


February 24, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. River City Poe’s Punishers
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. River City Uncivil Warriors CQS Minis vs. Little City Jr’s


March 9, 2013- Away, Greenville, SC

CQS Allstars vs. Hard Knox
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. GDD Bad News Babes

March 10, 2013- Home @ CQS Compound

CQS Allstars vs. Jacksonville Roller Girls
Spawn of Skatin’ vs. Belles on Wheels

April 20, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Black and Bluegrass Rollergirls
Spawn of Skatin’ vs. Capitol City Vixens
CQS Minis vs. TBD

May 11, 2013- Away, Baltimore, MD

Charm City Allstars vs. CQS Allstars
Charm City B-team vs. CQS Miss B-Havers

May 12, 2013- Away

Mother State Rollergirls vs. CQS Allstars

June 1, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. HARD
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Richland County Regulators
CQS Minis vs. TBD

June 8, 2013- Away, Marietta, GA

Marietta Derby Darlins vs. Capitol City Vixens

June 28-30- Away, Philadelphia, PA

East Coast Derby Extravaganza (

July 27, 2013- Away, Nashville, TN

Nashville Allstars vs. CQS Allstars
Nashville Brawl Stars vs. CQS Miss B-Havers
Nashville Jr. Rollergirls vs. CQS Minis

August 17 & 18, 2013- Away, Wilmington NC

Maine Roller Derby vs. CQS Allstars
Cape Fear Roller Derby vs. CQS Allstars

August 24, 2013- Home Bout @ Jamil Temple

CQS Allstars vs. TBD
CQS Miss B-Havers vs. Soul City Sirens Home Team Game 3

September 7, 2013- Away, Spartanburg SC

Spartanburg Deadly Dolls vs. Belles on Wheels

September 2013- Away


October 20 & 21, 2013- Home

CQS Allstars vs. Philadelphia Rollergirls and Atlanta Rollergirls Home Team Championship

Columbia QuadSquad is starting off 2013 with a bang! On January 26, 2013, we’re back in action with our first triple header of the season. The CQS Allstars will meet the Demolition City Roller Girls on the track for the first time! Plus, the Appalachian Roller Girls will be rolling down the mountain to play our Miss B-Havers. And, the Carolina Wreckingballs will be playing the Hitmen of Manatee County.  This even will be held at Jamil Temple! More information to come.

Columbia QuadSquad aided the Sumter Fly Girls in hosting the South Carolina Derby Expo at the Sumter Civic Center in Sumter, SC on November 11, 2012.

The Expo featured the Columbia QuadSquad Miss B-havers, Richland County Regulators, Sumter Fly Girls and Carolina Wreckingballs. Each of the women’s teams duked it out on the track in mini-bouts, with twenty minute halves. The Wreckingballs mixed it up with the women in the final bout of the evening for a co-ed scrimmage.

The expo featured local vendors and exhibitions by several of the Carolina Wreckingballs, who jumped over brave volunteers while on skates.

The featured charity for this event was Harvest Hope Food Bank. Donations were accepted at the door, and the non-perishable food items were taken to Harvest Hope just in time for the holiday season.

What a great way to wrap up the CQS season! Thanks to everyone involved!