In March 2007, seven women joined Auntie Psychotic in a coffee shop to discuss the possibility of introducing a Roller Derby league to Columbia, SC. Surprisingly, the sport they were bringing back from the era of Roller Jam would soon become a citywide and nationwide phenomenon. After six months of recruiting friends and practicing with other state teams such as Myrtle Beach and Greenville, we made our debut in August 2007 in SC’s first invitational bout affectionately dubbed Labor Pains. The 2008 presented CQS with many challenges but were overcome with six wins and two losses. On April 26th, 2009, we hosted the first annual state championship on Capital ground in Columbia, SC. With three teams competing for the title of State Champions, CQS defeated the Richland County Regulators and Charleston’s Low Country High Rollers making CQS the state’s official derby champions. In October 2009, with the premiere of Whip It, roller derby hit all new heights of popularity. As a result, a plethora of new girls joined CQS’s ranks to form the Columbia Quadsquad Miss B-Havers. With two teams now comprising the Columbia Quadsquad league, the 2010 season will prove to be one of the most challenging and exciting!

Although our roster of girls has changed drastically from its very beginning, we are still a group of independent hard-headed and hard-hitting women moving the sport forward. Roller derby girls come from all avenues of life. Lawyers, nurses, teachers, hair stylists, navy reservists, and other working professionals come together three a week to share their passion for athletic persistence in bettering mind and body. Each season the hits get harder, the jammers faster, and CQS’s passion for derby grows thanks to our derby sisters and supportive fans!