February 26th, 2012

Sunday night’s game proved to be a fight to the end between WFTDA apprentice league Soul City Sirens and the CQS Miss B-havers. Augusta favored a win, but the Miss B-havers brought it home. For CQS’s Miss B-havers, this game proved to be a challenge both on the track and in the penalty box. Soul City’s Pink Sox gave CQS blockers a hard fight often taking the inside line and earning lead jammer. [Read More]


February 18th, 2012

Fresh off a win against WFTDA Dominion, the CQS Allstars traveled to Raleigh, NC for the battle of the Carolinas. The Carolina Rollergirls are ranked 21st in the nation and proved to be a perfect matchup for the CQS Allstars.

Read the DNN bout recap. [Read More]

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