June 27th, 2010

CQS Miss B-havers 92 vs CLTRG B-Dazzlers 146
CQS Allstars 166 vs Burn City 77

With our first Sunday bout of the year, hopes were high for a double victory. [Read More]


June 12, 2010

Last fall the Carolina Bootleggers from Raleigh, NC joined us in Columbia for one of the best matchups of the season. When our vets weren’t drooling on the track, they were playing a tough game against some of their derby heroes such as Princess America and Billie Brawliday. CQS was victorious but only by a narrow margin. It proved to be the cleanest, fastest game of the season. Last Saturday proved to be no different! [Read More]

Jun 2010 050

On June 5th, Shrew B Doo, Dani Dynamite, Cari Anne Conceal, Slim Skatey, Doli Derringer, Betty Bootcamp, AmsterDAM, and Dropkick Dorthy joined the Fresh Meat crew of the Palmetto State Rollergirls invitational in North Myrtle Beach.  Mel Anoma and Crystal Cutt battled against both Holly Hunter and Roy G Biv in the Vet bout that followed.  Although many of our girls had to wear yellow, everyone enjoyed a trip to the beach for derby and sun! [Read More]

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