2015 League Superlatives

End of year 2015 Celebration
End of year 2015 Celebration


  1. 1.
    of the highest quality or degree.
    “a superlative piece of skill”
  2. 2.
    (of an adjective or adverb) expressing the highest or a very high degree of a quality (e.g., bravest, most fiercely ).


Rookie of the Year: Randi

Rising Star: Cinnamon

Unforeseen Force: Meg Riot

Heaviest Hitter: Holly Hunter

Best Dressed: Hollywood

Comic Relief: Roxanne Stones

Speed Demon: Poison Violet

Fancy Feet: Bellatrixter

The Machine:  Poison Violet

Miss Congeniality: Joy Reccher

Comeback Kid: Carter Away

Team Spirit: Roxanne Stones

The Mouth:  Cherry Maim’her

Most missed: Joy Reccher

Afterparty MVP: Rox

The Brain: Flann

Dynamic Duo (AllStars): Chuck and Holly

Dynamic Duo (Miss Bs): Cynic and Bellatrixter

Most Dedicated: Holly  Hunter

Best Booty:  Holly Hunter

MVP AllStar Jammer:  Poison Violet

MVP Miss Bs Jammer: Bellatrixter

MVP AllStar Pivot: Cherry Maim’her

MVP Miss Bs Pivot: Betty Ford Cynic

2015 MVP Miss B's duo Betty Ford Cynic (left) and BellaTrixter (right)
2015 MVP Miss B’s duo Betty Ford Cynic (left) and BellaTrixter (right)

MVP AllStar Blocker: Holly Hunter

MVP Miss Bs Blocker: Dani Dynamite

The Heart: Sour Hour

The Motivator: Roxanne Stones

Play of the Year: Last jam of D2

Fail of the Year:  The Miss Bs falling through the banner

Coach of the Year: That Guy

Support Staff of the Year: Will Ryder

The Mentalist: Poison Violet

The Realist: Red

The Postive Force:  Angry Bird-T

Best Facial Expressions: Meg RIot

Most Lovable Sour Transfer of the Year:  DuJuanna

Social Media Star: Betty Ford Cynic


Congratulations to all of our 2015 award winners!

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